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The Monument &c in Knockmoy Abbey, Co.y Galway (Austin Cooper)

National Library of Ireland (Prints and Drawings)

Ref: Coo 2122 TX (1) 79

Type: Document

Date: Published 28 August 1785

Main Author: Cooper, Austin, 1759-1830
Contributors: Leeson, William

Line painting, now sadly almost entirely disappeared, on the north wall of the choir of the Cistercian Abbey at Knockmoy, County Galway, Ireland. The fugures in the painting are arranged in two tiers. The upper tier shows three skeletons (wearing crowns) and three kings, one of which carries a bird on his arm. This scene is a reference to the frequently-illustrated tale of the Three Live Kings and the Three Dead Kings. The lower tier shows on the left what is supposed to be God the Father holding the crucified Christ in front of him, and the scene on the right probably shows the martyrdom of St. Sebastian. Underneath the images of the three skeletons and the figure of St. Sebastian are inscriptions (both of which can be found in 2122 TX (1) 77 & 78). Vaulting of the choir of the abbey is seen above the monument. Scale of feet l.c. on image

From: Antiquities of Abbeys, Castles & c. & c. in Ireland, Vol. I

See 2122 TX (1) 73-78 for other illustrations of the same abbey

Title inscribed in ink l.c. under image

Inscribed in ink m.c. on image as a reference to the drawing 2122 TX (1) 77: No:2 page 77

Inscribed in ink l.r. on image as a reference to the drawing 2122 TX (1) 78: No:3 page 78

Watermark u.l. on sheet is part of a shield with fleur-de-lys

Physical description: 1 drawing image 24.6 x 17.2 cm., on sheet 26.6 x 18.3 cm.

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