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A W: View of the Black-Abbey at Adair, Co.y Limerick

National Library of Ireland

Ref: Coo 2122 TX (1) 12

Type: Document

Date: Published 1781

Cooper, Austin, 1759-1830, artist
A W: View of the Black-Abbey at Adair, Co.y Limerick
A:C: delint. 26th May 1781 ; Pinxt 11th July
View of the west side of the Black, or Augustinian, Abbey at Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland, showing ivied gables, above the central one of which rises a tall, thin battlemented tower.
From: Antiquities of Abbeys, Castles & c. & c. in Ireland, Vol. I

A copy by Gabriel Beranger (c.1730-1817) of an original by William Ashford (1746-1824) of the same subject may be found in the NLI Ms. TX 1958, page 96. A private collection in Dublin contains another Beranger copy, but in circular format

Title inscribed in ink l.c. on sheet under image

Watermark u.l. on sheet is part of a large shield or crest

Image in a frame 14.1 x 17.7 cm

Drawn by Austin Cooper perhaps when he was touring the country gathering money from area tax collectors, or a Paymaster to the Civil and Military Establishments. In his diary for May 26th, 1781 (NLI Ms. Acc. Munster 4841, page 15 and quoted in Liam Price's book, page 18), Cooper wrote, among other things, about Adair: On the S. side of the river are ruins of the Abbey of Augustines. Here is a steeple.... supported on an arch. The Choir is large, with stalls, &c. The Nave answerable thereto, with a lateral Isle [i.e. aisle] on the S. side, (see View). N. of the Steeple are most beautiful Cloisters, with Gothic windows; inside which, on three sides of this square, are Corridores. On most of these windows are escutcheons with the English, & Saltire Cross's; in general ranged alternately. The Workmanship here is very elegant - the principal parts, hewn Limestone, which looks quite fresh, & altogether gives it a modern, but awful appearance. Adjoining the Cloisters are several Appartments, wch seem older than any of the other parts

Physical description: 1 drawing image 13.3 x 16.9 cm., on sheet 18.1 x 26.5 cm.

Citations/References: An eighteenth century antiquary : the sketches, notes and diaries of Austin Cooper (1759-1830) / Liam Price (ed.). - Dublin, 1942 page 18

Citations/References: Ancient Ireland / Jacqueline O'Brien and Peter Harbison. - London,1996 page 173 with useful bibliography on page 249

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