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Annaghdown (Aug. Canons) (Abbey)

also known as: Anag(h)dun

Order: Augustinian Canons

Name of Foundation: Annaghdown
Dedicated to: St. Mary de Portu Patrum & St. Brendan

Barony: Clare
Civil Parish: Eanach Dhúin
Townland: Annaghdown (Eanach Dhúin)
Kingdom/Lordship: Iar Chonnacht/Má Seola
Early mediaeval Kingdom/Lordship: Uí Flaithbertaig
Late mediaeval Kingdom/Lordship: O'Flaherty

Main events in the history of this site

576 - St. Brenainn, Abbot of Cluain Ferta Brenainn Clonfert, died on the 16th of May. He died at Eanach Duin, and his body was interred at Cluain Ferta Brenainn.[AFM 576]

578 - Death of Aed son of Echaid, king of Connachta, who granted Enach Dúin to Brénainn. [Ann. Inis.] 
1044 - Aed, the anchorite, rested in Enach Dúin. [Ann. Inis.] 
1106 - 1156Foundation - The Abbey of St. Mary de Portu Patrum, to the south of the cathedral of St. Brendan, may have been founded by Turlough O'Conor (who became king of Connacht in 1106) at the instance of St. Malachy. The ruins have some Romanesque details.(DIB) The church of St. Mary seems to have been shared by Arrosian canons and canonesses till c. 1223 - 4.(Med. religious houses, Ire., 157) 
1135 - Derry, including houses and church, Ráith Lúraigh, Ráith Both, Cluain Ioraird, Roscommon, Eanach Dúin, part of Cunga Fhéichín, part of Lismore, and all Lann Eala were burned in the same year.[Misc. Ir. Ann. I]

1142 - Killaloe, Annaghdown, and Timahoe, were burned.[AFM]

1201 - Conn O'Melly, Bishop of Annaghdown, a transparently bright gem of the Church, died. [AFM]

1238 - The round tower of Eanach Dúin was built.[Misc. Ir. Ann. II]

1241 - Murchadh Ó Flaithbheartaigh, bishop of Eanach Dúin, died.
[Misc. Ir. Ann. II]
1250 - Thomas O'Meallaidh, bishop of Eanach-duin, died in Christ. [AU] 
1302-6Taxations - The taxations of benefices, rents and revenues from the Diocese of Annaghadown "after final separation of said diocese from Tuam. A list of churches in the diocese." [CDI 1302-6, pp 234-5 para 710] 
1302-6Taxation - Taxation of the Diocese of Tuam [CDI 1302-6, pp 225-6 para 709) 
1311 - In 1311, Nicholas was abbot, when Gilbert, bishop of Annaghdown, recovered land in Shanthill from him. (K (A)), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 157) 
1443 - In 1443, Cornelius O'Flaherty became abbot.  
1456 - Cornelius O'Flaherty, abbot, and Eugenius were accused of acting as abbots, dividing the fruits etc., by Richard Rufus de Burgo, canon of St. John's, Tuam. (CPR) (Med. religious houses, Ire., 157) 
1492 - Edmund de Burgo acceded Abbot William de Burgo (CPR), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 157) 
1562Dissolution - The abbey was granted, with Tuam and other monasteries, to Richard Earl of Clanricarde. (A (AG)), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 157) 
1578, 8 July - A lease in reversion of the late dissolved abbey of Anaghcoen was granted to the warden and vicars of King's College, Galway, 8 July 1578. (Morrin ii. 14), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 157) 
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