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Roscrea ()

also known as: Ros Cré

Order: Augustinian Canons

Name of Foundation: Roscrea
Dedicated to: St Crónán

Barony: Ikerrin
Civil Parish: Roscrea
Townland: Corville ()
Kingdom/Lordship: Ely O'Carroll
Early mediaeval Kingdom/Lordship: Éile
Late mediaeval Kingdom/Lordship: Ely O'Carroll

Main events in the history of this site

1053 - Muiredach son of Diarmait, superior of Ros Cré [died] [AU][AFM] 
1074 - Flaithem ua Cáróc, superior of Ros Cré [died] [AU][AI] 
1083 - Macraith Ua Baillen, successor of Cronan of Ros-Cre [AFM] 
1123 - A defeat inflicted on the Conmaicne by the community of Roscrea and the Éile, in which fell Dubhdara son of Dubh and many others.[ATig]

1127 - Mac Conaenaigh Ua Maelguirm, airchinneach of Ros-Cre, was killed by the Eli.[AFM]

1128 - Ua Banain, successor of Cronan of Ros-Cre. [AFM]

1129 - Ua Diarmada, successor of Cronan of Ros-Cre, died.[AFM]

1133 - Ros-Cre and Lughmhadh were burned.[AFM]

1134 - Fogartach Ua Riagain, airchinneach of Ros-Cre.[AFM]

1135 - Lightning struck off the head of the Cloictheach of Cluain-mic-Nois, and pierced the cloictheach of Ros-Cre.[AFM]

1147 - Ros-Cre and Oentrobh were burned.[AFM]

1154 - Cill-Dalua, Imleach-Ibhair, Ros-Cre, Lothra, and Daurmhaghi, were burned.[AFM]

1157 - A hosting by Muircheartach grandson of Lochlann to Leinster and to Desmond, and he took their hostages from them both. He afterwards laid siege to Limerick, and the Foreigners gave him the kingship and expelled Toirdhealbhach Ó Briain.He afterwards sent a host of raiders into Síol Anmchadha and some of them were killed, including Ó Catháin of CraobhBranch ; and Roscrea was plundered by them the Kindred of Eogan. Thence he returned home.[ATig][AFM]

1161 - Isaac Ua Cuanain, Bishop of Eile and Ros-Cre, a virgin, and chief senior of East Munster. [AFM] 
1168 - Maelpadraig Ua Callada, successor of Cronan of Ros-Cre.[AFM] 
1173 - Conaing O'Hennessy, head of the canons of Roscrea, died.[AFM]

1173 - Conaing Ó hAenghusa, head of the canons of Roscrea, died.
1212 - An army was led by the English of Munster to Roscrea, where they erected a castle. From thence they proceeded to Killeigh, where they were overtaken by Murtough, the son of Brian O'Conor, and his army, who gave them battle; in which Melaghlin, the son of Cathal Carragh O'Conor received wounds of which he died. 
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