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Aghmacart Priory (Priory)

also known as: Achmacatenis, Achmecart, Ahmart, Amcart

Order: Augustinian Canons

Aghmacart Priory was founded on the site of a pre-Norman church which seems to have been dedicated to a certain St. Tigernach (perhaps the patron of Clones who had Leinster connections). This early church was burned in 1156 by the northern king, Muirchertach Mac Lochlainn. Neither foundation date of the Augustinian Priory nor its secular patron are known, although it may have been endowed by the Meic Gilla Pátraic (later Fitzpatricks) kings of Ossory. The late medieval records indicate that it was in the diocese of Ossory and that the Fitzpatricks laid claim to the priory. There were links between Aghmacart and Monahinca, the famous Augustinian pilgrim site near Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. Aghmacart Priory was dedicated to St. Mary and St. more...

Dedicated to: St Mary and St Tigernach

Barony: Clarmallagh
Civil Parish: Aghmacart
Townland: Aghmacart (Achadh Mhic Airt)
Kingdom/Lordship: Ossory
Early mediaeval Kingdom/Lordship: Osraige

Main events in the history of this site

1156 - Monastery burned (AFM) 
c.1225 - Prior of Akethmacart witnessed a charter by which Peter,Bishop of Ossory (1221-31), granted half the Church of Claragh to the Prior and canons of St John's Abbey, Kilkenny, and the other half to the vicar of the said church. [Carrigan, Hist. & Antiqs. Diocese Ossory ii, 235 ex Registro Hospitalis S. Johannis Evangelistae iuxta Kilkenniam. British Library]  
1251, 7 AugustRoyal protection - Letters of simple and unlimited protection for the Prior and canons of Fertackerach and Ackidmacarth in Ireland. Windsor. Pat.,, 35 Hen III., m. 4 [CDI p. 472 no. 3182] 
1455, 12 June - Exchange of priors between Aghmacart and Monahincha, Co. Tipperary [CPL 1455, 674] 
1455 - 1455. 4 Kal. June. (29 May.) St. Peter’s, Rome. (f. 202)
To the archdeacon of Ossory. Mandate as below. The recent petition of Thady Megirid (sic), an Augustinian canon of Frattakyreach in the diocese of Ossory, contained that after the priorship thereof, a conventual dignity, had been so long void that its collation had by the Lateran statutes lapsed to the apostolic see, and that there was no certain knowledge of the true mode of its voidance, the convent, seeing that the said monastery (which had formerly been famous and in which hospitality was kept up to rich and poor) had fallen into great desolation and was in great need of reform, and also of books, ornaments, bells and other necessaries, and hoping that the said Thady (who for the said repair and restoration had, with licence of his prior and convent, been transferred from his monastery of Incemacneri, of the said order, in the diocese of Elphin, of which he was a canon, to the said monastery of Fearttakyreach, and who had for a long time been engaged on the said repair etc.) would be of great service to the said monastery, unanimously elected him prior. The said election being without force, and the said priory being still void as above, and still being reserved in virtue of the pope’s late reservation of all conventual dignities, the pope hereby orders the above archdeacon to summon Thady Ocrinam (who, as the above Thady alleges, is an Augustinian canon of Achamicairt in the diocese of Ossory, and who after the said lapse was by authority of the ordinary appointed warden or administrator of the said monastery of Fearttakyreach, and who, under pretext of the said appointment, and without any other canonical title or any tittle or right, has for more than a year but less than two years administered the said monastery and its goods) and other concerned, and if he finds the facts to be as stated, and the said priory, value not exceeding 7 marks sterling, to be void as above or in any other way, and the said Thady Magriyd, who is of noble birth, to be fit to collate and assign it, even if it have cure, provided that its collaton lapsed as above, to the said Thady Magriyd (sic), inducting him, after having received from him the usual oath of fealty to the pope and the Roman church according to the form enclosed, and removing the said Thady Ocrinam and any other detainer. Dignum arbitramur. (CPL, 11 (1455 – 1464), 202 – 203)
1466, 28 May - James Ybury, priest of Diocese of Ossory, granted provision of Priory of Aghamacart [CPL] 
1481, 31 March - William Obrothe, priest of Ossory, is appointed by Papal Brief, Prior of the Monastery of St. Tigernacius, otherwise of the Blessed Mary, of Achanncayrtt, of the Order of St. Augustine, vacant by the death of Patrick Obnogy. [CPL] 
1516, 25 September - The seal of the Priory of St. "Tygernasius" of Aghamacart, is attached, at this date, to the definitive sentence of William McGilpatrick, Canon of Ossory, in the dispute relating to the Archdeaconry of Ossory. [?CPL; Carrigan ii, 237]. 
1525 - Donal O'Phelan became Prior; he was still living in 1542. [Carrigan, ii, 237] 
1574, 9 March - Sir Barnaby Fitzpatrick, 2nd Lord Ossory, has a lease from the Crown "of the site of the monastery of Agmacarte in Upper Ossorye, the lands of Aghmacarte and the tithe corn of the rectory of Agmacartye with the tithes of Cowlekill". [Carrigan, ii, 237] 
1586, 16 September - Lease of monastery granted to Daniel Kelly, a soldier who slew the great Earl of Desmond. [Carrigan, ii, 237] 
1601, 10 April - A patent granting possession of Aghamacart was passed to Florence, Lord of Upper Ossory. [Carrigan, ii, 237] 
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