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Athy Priory/Hospital (Priory)

Order: Fratres Cruciferi

Name of Foundation: Priory of St. John/ Priory of St. Thomas of Cruciferi
Dedicated to: St. John, St. Thomas

Barony: Narragh and Reban West/ An Fhorrach agus an Réabán Thiar
Civil Parish: St. John's
Townland: Athy (Baile Átha Í)

Main events in the history of this site

c.1253Foundation - The priory of St. John, also St. Thomas of Cruciferi, was built by Richard de St. Michael, lord of Rhebane, in the reign of St. John in the twelfth century (Ware), (t. K. John). ALS Kildare A.S. i 113, gives the date as 1253. From the thirteenth century this hospital was usually known as St. Thomas the Martyr's.(Med. religious houses, Ire., 210) 
1302 - 6 - In the taxation of 1302 - 6, the value of the priory of St. Thomas, Athy, is given as £10 4s. 8d. (CDI), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 210) 
1455 - John Okarten was prior in 1455. (Med. religious houses, Ire., 210) 
1475 - In 1475, Prior John Ociretean was accused of neglecting the monastery and of allowing it to fall into ruin, by James Omallchayl, clerk. (CPR), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 210) 
1536 - In 1536, the value of St. John's in Athy was given as £20 (L. and P. Hen. VIII, xi. no. 1416), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 210) 
1540 - The 'late prior of Athae' is mentioned in Nov. 1540 (E), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 211) 
1551 - In December 1551, it was found that the rectories of Trecalyne and Scrobo, valued together £13 6s. 8d., were appropriated to the prior of Athy. (A, 801, Cf. A, 208, AG), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 211) 

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