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Athy Priory (Priory)

Order: Dominican Friars

Name of Foundation: St. Dominic's Priory
Dedicated to: St. Dominic

Barony: Narragh and Reban West/ An Fhorrach agus an Réabán Thiar
Civil Parish: Athy/ Baile Átha Í
Townland: Athy ( Baile Átha Í)

Main events in the history of this site

1253 - 1257Foundation - St. Dominic's Priory was founded in 1257, according to Ware 146 and Chron. O.P., but Burgo 254 - 7 points out that Ware's De Scriptoribus gives the date as 1253, after Strade (1252) and before Roscommon (1253). (W.W. 77). Alemand gives the Boisles or Ouganos (Wogans) as founders, doubted by O'Heyne, 48. B. O'Sullivan suggests a de St. Michael. (Med. religious houses, Ire., 222) 
1314 - John de Slane made a grant, confirmed by Edward II in 1314, of an additional 6 acres by the priory to enlarge the demesne (K, 87, A), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 222) 
1347 - In 1347, several people, including the prior of St. Thomas of Athy (Cruciferi), were indicted for stealing a net and fish by night from a Dominican weir. (K, 95), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 222) 
1452 - In 1452, one of the friars acceded the abbot of Baltinglass. (CPR), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 222) 
1539 - The priory was suppressed on 30 April 1539 and rented 26 April 1540 to Martin Pelles at 40s.(Coleman),(Med. religious houses, Ire., 222) 
1540 - On 27 November, 1540, the jurors found that the buildings had been burnt in the previous June by Donald McCare Kavanagh; the orchard and garden, half an acre, with 60 acres of land, six cottages, and a ruined mill, val. 32s.. (the mill and land then waste not being valued.) (E), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 222) 
1544 - The property, including two fishing weirs, was granted to Martin Pelles in 1544. (A(AG), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 222) 
1622 - Athy was one of the friaries to be re-established by Fr. Ross Mageoghegan, who became Provincial in 1622; there were Dominicans in Athy until the mid-nineteenth century. (Coleman),(Med. religious houses, Ire., 222) 

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