Monastic Ireland.

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The Knights Hospitallers

Sites associated with this order

Crooke Priory, Waterford

Kilbarry Priory, Waterford

Killerig Priory, Carlow

Killerig Priory, Carlow

Killybegs Priory, Kildare

Kilmainham Priory, Dublin

Kilmainhambeg Priory, Meath

Kilsaran Priory,

Kilteel Priory, Kildare

Tully Priory, Kildare

Bibliographical sources

The Knights Hospitallers sites

1 Crooke Waterford (Priory)
2 Kilbarry Waterford (Priory)
3 Killerig Carlow (Priory)
4 Killerig Carlow (Priory)
5 Killybegs Kildare (Priory)
6 Kilmainham Dublin (Priory)
7 Kilmainhambeg Meath (Priory)
8 Kilsaran (Priory)
9 Kilteel Kildare (Priory)
10 Tully Kildare (Priory)