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also known as: Order of Tiron

The Tironensian Order / Order of Tiron had its origins in the forest of Craon, on the borders of Brittany and Maine. There, Bernard of Tiron (d. 1117), a Benedictine monk, joined fellow ascetics, Robert of Arbrissel (founder of Fontevault) and Vitalis of Mortain (founder of Savigny), to live as hermits. New recruits arrived and by 1109 Bernard had established the Order of Tiron near Chartres, N. France. This was the first of the new religious orders to spread internationally and the Tironensians established abbeys and priories houses throughout France and the British Isles. The first house of the order in Wales was St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire, which was founded c. 1113. Soon therafter it established two daughter-houses in Pembrokeshire, namely, Pill and Caldy.

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