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also known as: Order of Savigny

The Savigniac Order / Order of Savigny had its origins in 1105 when Vitalis of Mortain established a hermitage in the forest of Savigny. He drew supporters and duly formed a community of monks who followed the Rule of St Benedict and wore grey habits. As the community grew, daughter-houses were founded and a Savigniac Congregation evolved. By the mid-twelfth century, however, the Savigniacs faced financial problems and Abbot Serlo, the head of Savigny, asked the Cistercians to incorporate his congregation. The Cistercian General Chapter of 1147 conceded and all Savigniac houses were subsequently visited and reformed according to Cistercian ideals. The Welsh monasteries of Basingwerk (Flintshire) and Neath (Glamorgan) were founded as Savigniac houses but became Cistercian after 1147.

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