Monastic Ireland.

1. 1200: The K. Grants and confirms the abbey and monks of Blessed Mary de Magio

Calendar of Documents relating to Ireland, Volume 1, pp. 21 - 22

1200 (136), Nov. 1: The K. grants and confirms to the abbey and monks of Blessed Mary de Magio of the lands etc. which they have of the gift of the K.’s ancestors, of their benefactors since the K. arrived in Ireland, and of the Kings and Princes as well of the Irish as of Franks, to hold in frankalmoign, free from all secular service, according to the liberty of the Cistercian order, namely: - Kenelmegan, where the monastery is situated, Athecrokain, Cealcon’ata’, Cealcongi, Athen, Ceallmor, Cluaincollam, Culain Mecsradin, Baiidubdi, Baliiduban, the grange of Briddain, Cluain Melrach, Ceall Mecceril, Balitarsim, Cathirnachongearr, Baliiedain, Baliiragan, the grange of Nahava, Enachchuli in Corbali, Culocdir, Bali Idubgurim, Leasswaribin, Baliisoder, Cluain Crectain, Cluain Ichadin in Taballgort, Iglassain, the grange of Coracoimgillain, Bali Icarrig, Bali Ieda, Bali Ichunin, Bali Ibrenain, Bali Isatchill, from the marsh on the east of the grange near the river on each side to the ford of Denndirg, Onruadom Icarrig to Gortnaren Ifedomair, the grange of Naglochmib, Bali Idub, Leasconmaig, Leasciarmocan, Bali Idelgussa, Magnahengi, from the ford of Scivil towards the east with the whole march to Kilkillin and Kealkillin itself, from the ford of Crether to Crangulligin, Makelkellan, and the ford of Seagainlag, the grange of Locgeir, Finnen, Corthascin, Clughur, Cromcon, the mill of Almarain, with its lands of Arddarigan, Greal Laochilonbegan to Catercurrith, Rathran, Liamin, Cathirflenn, Magdorach, the grange in Camuis, Ceallseanig, Bali Ichearbain, Bali Illemi, Bali Icunin, Conacad, Ceallconill, with its appurtenances in length and breadth to Tulachbracci, Brug, Cathircuain and Chillconill aforesaid, the grange of Intlevi, Ceallcrumtirlapan, Cuillean in Corbali, Bali Imelinnan, Cuthicathil, Cealcodigi, Cealladleach in Rapalach, Cellpian, Lathrach-lami, Bali Igerridir with its appurtenances, to wit from the river Gleannoneolain where it enters Isinbecthig to Imeleachdregini, and so to Cillnarath as the Samir runs from it, to wit, Tulachmin and hence to the river Darachmuchua, and the court of the monks in Limerick, with its appurtenances, to wit, Bearninnalith. That this grant may for ever remain unbroken the K. has put his seal hereunto, confirming all herein, as is witnessed by the K.’s charter granted hereupon when he was Earl of Morton. Witnesses, John Archbishop of Dublin, Godfrey Fitz Peter, Meyler Fitz Henry etc., St. Briavells [Chart. 2. John, m. 21]

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