Monastic Ireland.

Letter from Stephen of Lexington to the Abbot of Margam (Letter 9)

Extract from Stephen of Lexington, Letters from Ireland 1228 - 1229 (translated and with an introduction by Barry W. O'Dwyer), Cistercian Publications Inc., Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1982

Letter 9

To the abbot of Margam, greetings.

On the advice of worthy men we transfer to your house as to the maternal breast, Brother Patrick, formerly subprior of Maigue, who has devoutly sought forgiveness and mercy from us for his offences (1). Show a fatherly face of compassion with great mercifulness and kindness to him in the sight of God and the Order lest he be overwhelmed by excessive grief. However, as regards the censure of the way of life and the discipline of the Order, subject him when he comes to you to the penalty for conspirators until you receive other instructions from the General Chapter or from us.

1 – Note in text – Maigue (Nenay, Monasteranenagh), in the diocese of Limerick, county Limerick, a daughter-house of Mellifont (Gwynn and Hadcock, p. 141), was made subject to Margam by the General Chapter of 1227: Statuta 2:62

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