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Letter from Stephen of Lexington to the Abbot and Community of Holy Cross (Letter 5)

Extract from Stephen of Lexington, Letters from Ireland 1228 - 1229 (translated and with an introduction by Barry W. O'Dwyer), Cistercian Publications Inc., Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1982

Letter 5

To the Abbot and Community of Holy Cross, greetings.

The Lord willing, we will come to your house on the Tuesday immediately after the Ascension, carefully to examine your lands and possessions on the following day, and, with the advice of prudent men, to deliberate in accordance with what was decreed in the General Chapter as to whether your house can continue as a monastery on its own or whether it should be joined with Owney. Therefore, we order your abbot by virtue of obedience, which he owes to the General Chapter and under penalty of deposition, to be present and to provide a suitable place for us and the other abbots who are coming there, and also other necessities for us and for our horses. He should also see to it that all the possessions of the house are clearly and distinctly written down on a parchment, what utensils, clothes, cows, bullocks, sheep, books, and all other possessions there are, and what men he has, monks and lay-brothers or seculars, who know the lands and properties of the house, and will give us a full and honest account of them, so that with this information having been carefully gathered beforehand we can proceed in what should be done in regard to your house. Keep this letter until our arrival and return it to us so that we will know how you have responded to our mandate in this regard.


Stephen of Lexington, Letters from Ireland 1228 - 1229, translated and with an introduction by Barry W. O'Dwyer (Cistercian Publications Inc., Kalamazoo, Michigan)p. 23
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