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Ardfert (Friary)

Order: Franciscan

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Dedicated to: St. Francis

Barony: Clann Mhuiris/Clanmaurice Triúcha an Aicme/Trughanacmy
Civil Parish: Ardfert
Townland: Ardfert (Ard Fhearta)

Main events in the history of this site

c.1253Foundation - The house of St. Francis, for Conventuals, was founded by Thomas Fitzmaurice Fitzraymond, Lord of Kerry, c. 1253. This is the approximate date given by in AH6 ii, 153. The buildings are of that date and later. The date on an inscription, formerly thought to be 1253, is actually MCCCCLIII, and refers to an addition by one Donaldus (FML, 19), (Hickson RSAI xxv and xxvi). (Med. religious houses, Ire., 242) 
1280Burial - The founder, Thomas Fitzmaurice Fitzraymond,is said to have been buried in this churchin 1280. (Med. religious houses, Ire., 242) 
1303Burial - Maurice, the son of the founder, is said to have been buried in the friary in 1303. (Med. religious houses, Ire., 242) 
1310 - In 1310, William de Bristol and other friars of Ardfert brought an action against Nicholas, bishop of Ardfert and four chaplains, for forcibly removing a corpse from the friary and burying it elsewhere, and for beating and ill-using many of the friars. The bishop and chapter were arrested and their goods were ordered to be distrained. (WB), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 242) 
1325 - There were both Irish and Anglo-Irish friars at Ardfert. (A. Clyn),(Med. religious houses, Ire., 242) 
1517 - The convent became Observant in 1517. 
1584Dissolution - The friars were driven out in 1584, but some remained in the vicinity where possible. (AH6 ii, 153), (Med. religious houses, Ire., 242) 
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